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Hawk Trainer cockpit model for the Dubai Airshow

Prototype Parts Ltd were approached by Rapier Design to produce a near full scale replica model of a BAE Hawk Trainer cockpit, in civilian livery, to be installed as the centrepiece of the Hawk Experience theatre at the Dubai International Airshow (11th – 15th Nov 2007).

The brief for the model was tight it needed to be finished within 7 weeks with the cockpit canopy indicated by sheets of edge-lit blue perspex, the light source to be contained in the bottom of the cockpit floor. The total weight of the model, including the perspex, lighting and the shell had to weigh less than 450 Kg and fit into a packing case, to allow  it to be airfreighted to various airshows, the first being Dubai. Our in-house model-makers have made various models for both Rapier and BAE before so the size and quality required proved to be no problem.

The internet proved to be a rich source of photographs of the Hawk trainer and cross sectional drawings were supplied by BAE / Rapier. From these, a male “buck” was hand built and a fibreglass mould produced. A GRP shell was laid up in the tool and once removed was finished ready for painting in the silver and black livery. Decals were applied later by Rocket Graphics.

11 sheets of blue tinted perspex were laser cut into the correct profile of the canopy, and with the edges finely polished were fitted into a laser cut slotted floor. Illumination Ltd inserted the lighting unit into the base at the last moment.

The whole model was then finally assembled and polished, before being loaded into a bespoke carrying container, ready for shipping.

The project was completed in budget and on time to be shipped to Dubai where the cockpit was installed as the centerpiece in the Hawk Experience theatre on the BAE stand (designed by Rapier Design) which proved to be a great success .


       (photos courtesy of Rapier Design / BAE Systems)







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