Bottle Label QA Jigs




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Bottle Label QA Jigs

Individually designed to suit any bottle & label combination. The Bottle Label QA Sleeve is designed to drop over a bottle to allow a QA operative to easily check label alignment and fill level.

Using bottle design drawings and label size and placement dimensions the sleeve is custom made to suit any bottle / label combination. Label tolerance and fill level lines are engraved into the jig and highlighted with coloured inks. Bottle identification name / number can be added to ensure the correct jig is used.

3D CAD models are created from the drawings. Using this data a master pattern is created using Stereolithography. This master is shipped to the customer for design verification and approval before post finishing and production of silicone tooling. QA Sleeves are cast in clear polyurethane and the label & level lines highlighted as required.

This custom made QA jig will be complimented by an off the shelf QA Sleeve that is currently under development and should be available mid 2008.

       Photographs used by kind permission of Scottish & Newcastle UK



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