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There is an increasing demand for prototype metal castings - usually aluminium. There are a number of different methods for producing prototype castings and we outline below some methods that have proved to be very successful working in conjunction with aluminium foundries.

For small numbers or complex geometries a Stereolithography or FDM model with shrinkage factor is generated from the 3D CAD data as normal. The "A" surfaces are cleaned up to the required standard and a silicone mould produced from the master. Molten wax is then cast in the mould, these wax castings are then passed to the foundry for investment casting in the normal way. Silicone moulds typically produce only 2 - 3 wax castings per day

Unfortunately Prototype Parts are no longer able to offer investment castings. we are happy to provide masters in SLA, SLS or FDM and put customers in touch with aluminium foundries.


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